What causes Attraction?

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Despite several attempts, scientists are still grappling with the question that what causes attraction between human beings. Many people believe that individuals get attracted to certain persons due to different reasons which make defining the reasons behind attraction more difficult. That is why out of two men, one may find a women very attractive and the other will find the same women totally unattractive.



The scientists however believe that there are fixed patterns and qualities that make humans attractive for some others. The first reason behind attraction could be cited as proximity. It does not means that two persons should be very close to each other but they are more likely to be attracted towards each other if they are from the same area or locality. Similarly, humans get attracted to persons with same outlook towards life and having same approach. We are also likely to get attracted to a person with whom we can relate a good or happy incident. We also get attracted to someone who likes us and expresses his or her liking. Physical appearance plays an important role in causing attraction. Studies have found that men are more attracted by looks of the other person then women. Symmetry also plays an important role in causing attraction. The more symmetrical a person is in his left and right sides of the body, the more attractive he is. However these things happen at a subconscious level and are not noticed by us.In the end we can say that reasons of attraction are different for different people. For them getting attracted to certain individuals is not a matter of choice.

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  1. A.Mutasa

    yea, it may be true that if you have the same qualities you will be attracted to each other, but my question is this; why is it you feel that someone is here before he even reaches or before you even see him….why? and you will be thinking about him each and every time.

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