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What causes ringworm?

Ring worms are caused by several types of microscopic organisms that belong to the Dermatophytes group. This bacteria thrives in warm and wet areas. These include areas where we sweat… Read more »

What causes acne?

The exact reasons behind acne are unknown but it is believed that many factors contribute to the development of acne. The most important factor is the increase in the hormone… Read more »

What causes moles?

Moles are tiny, round and dark colored growths on skin that can grow on any part of the body. Their size could be between a few millimeters and up to… Read more »

What causes boils?

Those suffering from boils often wonder why they were targeted as these can be very painful. Knowing about the causes behind boils can help in selecting the right treatment to… Read more »

What causes Psoriasis?

One to three percent of the world’s population is afflicted by Psoriasis. It is a chronic disease with several types but the most common is the chronic plaque psoriasis. Our… Read more »