What causes Flatulence?

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Excessive gas in the intestine can not only be embarrassing in public, it can be a reason behind some serious discomfort. The reasons behind gas are many. A list mentions 86 diseases that can cause gas. Most of these diseases are related with intestine like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Food Allergies, Oesophageal problems, pancreatic disease and even colon Cancer.


But most patients experience excessive gas without having any of these serious ailments. Almost all of us have experienced bloating at some point of time. It is the means of body telling that it is having some problem in digestion. Gas is caused by bacteria present in the intestine. These bacteria produce gas while digesting the food we eat, mainly sugars, starch and cellulose. Sugars that are difficult to digest include Lactose, sorbitol and fructose. Lactose is the sugar present in milk.
Starches are the other common source of gas. Common source of starch include wheat, potatoes, rice and corn. Rise is the most easily digestible starch and esultantly produces least gas. In contrast, wheat produces most gas especially products made of whole grain wheat. Cellulose can be found in most vegetables and fruits but it is used very slowly by the colonic bacteria and thus produces very little gas. So the next time suffer from excessive gas, may be due to the new food you tried last night or stress at job, think about the reasons which will help you decide in future about what to eat and what to avoid. Making these changes will not be easy but after some time you will develop habits that will give you a great health.

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