What causes fingernail ridges?

Ridges in finger nails are seen as an indicator of overall health of a person. Ridges in finger nails indicate a medical problem like respiratory disorder, anaemia, iron deficiency or thyroid disease. While the vertical ridges in the finger nails do not indicate a medical problem and these become prominent with the age.

fingernail ridges1

fingernail ridges2

Horizontal ridges on fingernails however can indicate a serious ailment, though it is not the case always. A special type of horizontal ridges is called Beau’s lines and often indicates an underlying illness. Ridges can also be caused by a deficiency of vitamins or malnutrition.

2 thoughts on “What causes fingernail ridges?

  1. Shawne

    I have a type of eczema called dishyodrosis… it is now isolated to only 2 fingers. The nail on one of them looks similar to this. I have a very deep horizontal ridge in the middle of it. The cuticles have also retracted on this nail.

  2. Anita Mullins

    My fingernail looks exactly like the photo you show here. What could be the cause of it? I didn’t hurt it in anyway. It just started hurting one day while I was watching tv, I looked down and this is what I see. Should I see a doctor?


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