What causes a Sore Red Tongue?

Having a sore, red or swollen tongue is a common problem but can be quite painful. The problems associated with sore tongue can also cause difficulty in talking, chewing and swallowing. The causes of these problems with the tongue can be many.

Sore Red Tongue1

Sore Red Tongu2

The causes can be as simple as eating hot food or allergy to a particular food or oral hygiene product like tooth paste or a breath freshener. The causes can be more serious such as disease or disorder like anxiety, syphilis, depression or hormone changes.The tongue can also become red or swollen due to the use of some medicines associated with the treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure. Some diuretics can also cause a swollen tongue.
Some forms of anaemia can also cause the tongue to swell. Deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid are among some of the probable causes. Some nerve damage caused during tooth extraction or a bacterial infection could be the cause behind a sore red tongue. Tobacco, alcohol or even spices can cause the tongue to become red and swollen.One should immediately contact a doctor if one experiences any of the following symptoms.
Blockage in airway, severe discomfort, problem while speaking, swallowing or chewing and suspected bacterial infection or cancer should be immediately checked by a doctor.Those with some other health problem should also immediately contact their health care provider in case of a red, sore tongue.

7 thoughts on “What causes a Sore Red Tongue?

  1. Johnson

    My tounge looks like that but has red bumps, im scared idk what to do please help any sugestions to help are VERY much appretiated

  2. breanna

    I have a red sore tongue but nothing serious looks like this one above but not to bad to get rid of this what are some suggestions, im pregnant an im taking iron pills for anemia will it become more irritated if i continue to take these pills.???

  3. Cara

    The bottom photo is a person with a geographic tongue. I have it and it can be so painful, it’s can be caused by eating certain foods eg spicy, or sour foods. Unfortunately there’s not any treatments and it should get better on its own 🙂 x

  4. Jana

    Might look up ‘Geographic Tongue’. This is a benign problem that comes and goes. No cure. However you can find a list of foods etc. that irritate the condition. Had it for years, mostly inconvenient and irritating.


    I’m suffering with red sour tounge
    I contacted doctor it cured.
    After 6months iam again locating it its curing &again it is starting
    If any medicine for this I want it please give a suggestions

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