What causes Inter Menstrual Bleeding?

Bleeding from the uterus between menstrual periods is called Inter menstrual bleeding. It is also commonly known as Spotting. The causes for this bleeding can be many. One or two days prior to the periods, women can experience a little bleeding which is called premenstrual bleeding. Nearly fourteen days before the periods, ovulation can be the reason behind this bleeding.

Inter Menstrual Bleeding

The first thing to do in case of inter menstrual bleeding is to ascertain the source of bleeding. A woman should make sure that the bleeding is not coming from the anus or with urine. This can be easily done by inserting a tampon in the vagina.

Physical examination by a doctor is the best thing to do in case of inter menstrual bleeding. The medical examination should not be deferred even if the woman is bleeding at the time of examination.

The bleeding could be from the cavity of the womb or it could be coming from the cervix or the vagina.

The common causes of Inter menstrual bleeding can range from changes in hormonal levels, vaginal dryness because of the lack of estrogens after menopause, stress, stopping or starting of birth control pills or an injury or disease at the vaginal opening and can be due to some serious causes which may include Cancer of the cervix, uterus or even fallopian tube and miscarriage.

Usually it is a nuisance than a medical problem.

Inter menstrual bleeding could become a cause of immediate concern in case of a woman who is pregnant, or if the bleeding is after menopause or if the bleeding accompanies some other symptoms.

Keeping a track of tampons or pads used is a good idea in case of heavy bleeding as it helps determine the amount of bleeding.

Before the age of forty, it is highly uncommon to be afflicted with any serious disease of the uterus. Hormonal treatments usually help in case of woman below forty.

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  1. Kemisola

    I have been having this bleeding for four years now it comes and goes. I sought for medical attention but still i do have this bleeding before and after my menstrual periods. now that am married ,i bleed most time after sex with my husband. what should i do?

  2. Anne

    I’ve been experiencing this abnormalities in between my periods for two consecutive months. I usually bleed right after an unbearable, sharp abdominal pain which lasts a minute or so. What does this mean?

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